Track 2


All that I touch is gold
Living that Midas life
But now I'm not having any fun
Walking those same all roads
They've all been conquered
Am I doing what's already been done?

Cause everybody loves a classic rags to riches story
As long as they don't have what money can't buy
Am I just destined to keep wandering through this purgatory
To survive and then die?

I'm a nomad; I roam
Through these old lands, I wander alone
Tired of venturing into the unknown
Looking for something that feels like home

Baby I'm on a roll
I'm rich on paper
But in real life I've got nothing to touch
Words with no mouths to kiss
Just letters on a screen
Can only ever give me so much

Seen apparitions, digging up skeletons trapped in closets
Once you find them you can never go back
So, I travel, try to unravel meaning but then I lost it
Somewhere along the wrong track


from January, released May 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Voodoo Mind Control Glasgow, UK

Voodoo Mind Control are a female fronted four piece from Glasgow, Scotland that have nothing to do with actual mind control. Combining contrasting female/male vocals with driving basslines, lo-fi guitars, and solid drums, they create a sound that ranges from melodic and ethereal to rough and heavy. ... more

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