by Voodoo Mind Control

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This is our second EP. It's killer as heck.


released May 14, 2015

Voodoo Mind Control are: Helen Farrow-Thoms - Vocals, Guitar & Keyboard / Robert Reaoch - Vocals & Guitars / Cameron McDougall - Bass / Stuart Mackey - Drums.
All music by Voodoo Mind Control © 2015.
Lyrics on tracks 1, 2 & 4 by Farrow-Thoms / Lyrics on track 3 by Reaoch. Produced by Voodoo Mind Control, Scott Blackwood & Chris Marshall. Recorded, engineered & mixed by Scott Blackwood & Chris Marshall @ The Technical Jar, Seven West Studios, Glasgow Jan 2015 /
Mastered by Sanchez Mastering / Front photograph by Helen Farrow-Thoms, Back photograph by Cheryl Docherty / Artwork by Cameron McDougall & Helen Farrow-Thoms.



all rights reserved


Voodoo Mind Control Glasgow, UK

Voodoo Mind Control are a female fronted four piece from Glasgow, Scotland that have nothing to do with actual mind control. Combining contrasting female/male vocals with driving basslines, lo-fi guitars, and solid drums, they create a sound that ranges from melodic and ethereal to rough and heavy. ... more

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Track Name: End Times
Everything in order
Breathing in 4/4 timing
Who knows what's round the corner
Good luck and silver linings
Four leaf clovers and gold in your eyes

You should count your blessings
Instead of counting minutes
Everything's depressing
When your heart's not in it
Think that it's all over
But it's just beginning
Anything's distressing
When you think about it

Something's lying in my stomach
End of the world feeling
I've been getting visions
Of sky falling through the ceiling
Skull cracking open, armageddon
Track Name: Nomad
All that I touch is gold
Living that Midas life
But now I'm not having any fun
Walking those same all roads
They've all been conquered
Am I doing what's already been done?

Cause everybody loves a classic rags to riches story
As long as they don't have what money can't buy
Am I just destined to keep wandering through this purgatory
To survive and then die?

I'm a nomad; I roam
Through these old lands, I wander alone
Tired of venturing into the unknown
Looking for something that feels like home

Baby I'm on a roll
I'm rich on paper
But in real life I've got nothing to touch
Words with no mouths to kiss
Just letters on a screen
Can only ever give me so much

Seen apparitions, digging up skeletons trapped in closets
Once you find them you can never go back
So, I travel, try to unravel meaning but then I lost it
Somewhere along the wrong track
Track Name: Glacier
Waking up and the moon's in the sky
The bitter light beckons more 9 to 5
But nothing has changed since yesterday

Sleep in my eyes and blood on my chin
My hair needs cut, my face is thin
But nothing has changed since yesterday
Nothing has changed since yesterday

Ditching the car just so I can walk home
It's never anything but dark
The clock on the wall ticks on endlessly
But time doesn't mean a thing

Walking the streets, we exchange hello
My outlook is high but my brow is low
But nothing has changed since yesterday

Music and voices, try to stimulate
But to find the truth, I must wait
But nothing has changed since yesterday
No, nothing has changed since yesterday
Track Name: Kaleidoscopic
Float underwater
Moved by the waves
Drift through the oceans
Suspended like refracted light through windows

Washes over
Like lucid dreams
Hovering above
Like a nebula in a dollhouse bed

Dropping to the bottom of the ocean
Sinking through pools of black ink
In dreams everything's technicolour
Dizzy and kaleidoscopic

Weightless between worlds
Held in place by sleep
Static like photographs
And the white noise of a radio voice

Bubbles are blown then
Burst into rain
Changing colour
Then fade to grey and shatter into pieces

Falling on the floor of the forest
Resting like dew on the ground
In dreams nothing remains forever
Just vast like roots twisting down